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Walt Heyer

Well, because DNA gender is assigned in bone size and structure,unique blood chemistry design and written on every cell in the body, the challenge of changing gender is,at least for now, not possible. But like the money counterfeiter, they will try to make a $20.00 "look almost real" but place it under the light and you will see it is not a real $20 at all, the same is true for transgenders.

The psychological component of changing genders evolves from the manifestation of personality, dissociatiave and sometimes delusional disorders not found in reality but played out with plastic surgery.

This is why surgeons refer to the procedure as "gender reassignment" not sex change because that is not possible but who knows what they will be able to do someday?


okay maybe i should not have said "of their lazy butts" as i have high respect for them as they good at their jobs when they work on interesting things like dna stuff and cloning, all medical stuff and etc
(so do excuse my bad english)


well it would be possible to change ones dna/gender if only lazy doctors and Scientist got off their lazy butts (and funds were given more than needed to make it happen) and researched all about how they can find and make ways for genetic/dna to change ones gender
thus making the trans community comfortable in their chosen gender and made normal like every one else

i'd like to see and hear more on this please

Walt Heyer

Thank you for writing. Due to the volume of emails, it may take some time for me to get back to you.
Walt Heyer

Walt Heyer

Ariella, expression of gender is possible, changing genders is not.

It is real simple, it is impossible scientifically, medically, surgically or even with massive amounts of hormones to change genders.


Interesting argument, a few questions...

Since your denial of their "identified gender" seems to hinge on their inability to have children, if future technology enables them to will we then be able to conclude that a scientist can change gender?

Also, couldn't it be said that transitioning is similar as someone getting braces or wearing glasses? In that, both of these don't change the original dna, and braces are a mere cosmetic change, yet we allow these people to function in society the same as someone who was born with perfect teeth and 20/20 eyesight.

Walt Heyer

I think the surgeries and everything else trans people do is a powerful outward expression of a deep inside desire to change genders.

With the high rate of attempted suicide, alcohol addiction, drug addiction and self abuse as a result of attempting to change genders, a little truth can help people deal with the end result of unfulfilled expectations about the possibility of a gender change.

Just far too much surgical regret comes as a result of far too high of expectations.
Thanks, Walt

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