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Walt Heyer

Correct you are. Hormones are often overdosed, misused and blood level hormone tests are not often employed that in some cases could help prevent depression, suicide and regret as a result of the radical hormone cocktails.
However there are several factors that contribute to the high attempted suicide rates such as; alcoholism, drug addiction, unrealized expectations and not being able to adapt in the new gender. All have made changing genders a high risk for attempted suicide, early mortality, depression and regret.
Good on ya, thanks

Robyn Perry

I may have mentioned this to you before but I found that one of the many side effects of female hormones (i.e. birth control pills, HRT, etc.) is depression. Sometimes doctors are urged to prescribe an anti-depression drug along with the hormones. Consider now that a TS has to take female hormones at a much higher dosage constantly. It does not surprise me that there is such a huge problem with depression, suicide, and regret. These hormones should be black labeled. People should know what they are putting into their bodies. It is criminal they are not getting the truth!

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