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Walt Heyer

With respect Joe, thanks for your comments

Joe Briggs

That's cool Walt. You can then delete my last comment and this one too ;) Have a good day and I do appreciate your own thoughts on these matters as well.

Walt Heyer

Joe my friend this is not your personal "chat room" our your personal blog.

Your comments were welcome and I allow one or two comments for each person your (2)comments are posted not deleted, back off on the caffeine all will be fine.

Walt Heyer

Outstanding point. It is very difficult to locate any media sounding off on caution. Segments look more like promos than sound well researched data. However the lady doctor from Johns Hopkins did make some good points against any blockers being used that doc was not given an equal level of exposure in the story, sadly.

Thanks for posting such good stuff
Walt www.sexchangeregret.com


I really wonder why no one mentions the health problems for these children?
Blockers here, hormones there. Those things are not candies. It's dangerous. What about the synaptic pruning? What about other health related things?

Walt Heyer

Everyone, that is 100% report being happy and well adjusted at first. Even I was excited and happy working earning a good income working at the FDIC offices in San Francisco. I lived as Laura Jensen for 8 years.

The problems will come later. I get letters from all over the world reporting regret after 3 weeks, 3 years, 6 years and all the way up to 20 years explaining they were only reported being happy because it was just too difficult to admit it was a mistake. When they do admit they were hurting and a mistake some return to their birth gender.

The reports of success fail to show the 31% who commit suicide and the ones who become depressed and regret the gender change. Show me a success story and I will show a regret story, that is the way it is. Even the doc who used the hormone blockers in the show said; "we do not have data to show who should have the gender change" so it is a crap shoot and some unfortunately 31% will die from suicide. That is not a success story. Did you notice they did not tell the viewers about the regret or deaths.

Joe Briggs

This is the correct link to Money Got Her Hot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1GEHf1Neiw&feature=plcp

The link in the first post was for the opener SuperSonic and not Money Got Her Hot

Yeah here hips are not VERY wide but you could tell they are just as wide as countless other young women out there. She's about 20 years old now by the way.

I don't see it incredibly difficult for her to find a straight guy out there. And they can adopt children who will never question the gender of their mother.

Breast-feeding is also possible for her too through additional hormones because she has breasts that grew naturally and never needed to be implanted.

Ok that's I have left to say about Kim Petras. Looking forward to your honest thoughts about her.

Joe Briggs

Interesting stuff, Walt. I might agree with you that transsexualism is due to trauma, abuse, or neglect of some form.

However, I still think it is possible that a child can be put in such an environment where this idea inside a boy's head that he is really a girl is given a spark as early as age four... and this identity is nurtured by everybody in their household and everybody they hang out with including their own friends through childhood....that it gets to a point that by 11 this kid HAS to go through a female puberty...and she does...with male puberty blockers at age 11...estrogen treatment starting at age 12....and then SRS at age 16. And despite some media spotlight including a possible problematic craving for media attention...the girl turns out to be incredibly beautiful, reasonably adjusted with a stable personality that is just like any other typical 20 year old, and relatively happy in her adult life.

Such a good case would be made of Kim Petras. I am not sure you have heard of her but her transition to womanhood was possibly the smoothest on record because her identity was formed so young and she was treated so young. I will say though that it is possible that something in the household caused her to go that route because she had two older sisters and a very flamboyant mother who might have given more attention to the girls then to Tim. But anyways in Kim's case what was done was done. And it's like nobody is perfect and nobody leads perfect lives. But in Kim's case, her life is comparably easy compared to many others who don't even struggle with transsexualism let alone the men who do who have gone through irreversible male puberty. Kim may have dodged a bullet in so many ways.

Here is Kim Petra's youtube channel and you can judge for yourself how stable and adjusted her life and her identity is. I just don't see her ever having regrets because she has never had to struggle with any male identity...not even anytime post-toddler years.


Also here part of a performance she did at the Christopher Street Day LGBT Concert last week. While I can agree kids like her may become attention seekers due to parenting, that is very common among singers and performers like this.

Money Got Her Hot (Just a fun song she wrote that she said not to take seriously) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlzjQOmJMWY&feature=relmfu

Piece of Tape (very poignant song she wrote about the NOH8 campaign) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eyg5_tujGUE&feature=relmfu

Look at her body too (not just her smiling face and fun demeanor) and you see she developed nicely. She really does have womanish hips due to being treated so young and she has normal thighs for a girl. She is not very tall either. The only surgery required was SRS and she was able to have a fine body like this with little insecurities or things that cause her or other people confusion about her gender. This also helped her have a decent sense of identity, personality, and life overall.

What do you think? Should Kim Petras serve as an example or is she just a girl who dodged a bullet and is a blip on the radar in the twisted and tormented transsexual world?

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