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Walt Heyer

It is not true that "all" transgender people were sexually abused. But in the letters I get telling there story, sexual abuse was the most talked about issue, as the cause for their pain.
If I had known the surgery was nothing more than a cosmetic "look like" a female I never would have considered surgery. The fraud and deception foisted on good people has resulted in a 30% suicide rate for them. This is where my focus is trying to prevent anyone from destroying their life with regret or suicide.

Christian Woman

It is true that not all transgender people were sexually abused but changing genders for anyone is a big mistake the research shows that, so I don't understand why people get upset at the possibility that they actually have psych problems and were not born in the wrong body. In defense of Walt what he is doing here is not feeding the transphobes he is trying to help people from destroying their lives and others around them.

Cher Clemente

Walt and I don't agree on all things about transsexualism. But who would have thought that a study like this would come out? Geez not a single transsexual had even one alteration. No transsexuals and no alterations. Zero, Zilch, Nada. I was just alerted to this article and it is mind blowing. I don't know when trapped in the wrong body was termed. This study kind of ends that.

Walt Heyer

In as much as I very much enjoyed being Laura and living as a female (8 years) in San Francisco and working at the FDIC there I was considered a success.
I realized from knowing and living the transgender life I discovered truth and reality. Reality is not drinking the "cool-aid" but the mothers milk of truth changing genders is acting out a delusional gender persona fun but not real.
Also, when you have 40% attempting suicide and 30% die from suicide as a result of unresolved psychological and psychiatric disorders. There at least 30% were not enjoying the gender change because of psychological issues.


Before I go, I want to add this ...

Not every trans* person was sexually abused as a child or as an adult. You were, and your perspective is clouded by it. You are projecting your situation of psychological problems as a male man and applying that to others incorrectly.

In doing so, you are feeding the transphobes who do actual harm to trans* folk. If you have even the slightest good intentions, you would make sure not to feed them with more to hurt the trans* people.

Please avoid feeding the transphobes. Keep your discussions to the positive forums where your message should be seen as a "Warning, Proceed With Caution" rather than as a rant against a whole group of people just because you made a mistake.

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