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I wonder if transfolk want to believe gender dysphoria has an organic cause because of society's labelling of the mentally ill as kidding, pretending just to annoy people, or a weakness and that if they pull themselves together and snap out of it, they will be all right.
If a transperson is told 'it's in your mind' they are upset because society feeds them the terrible lie mental illness=not genuine, and they are searching desperately for an organic cause.
Actually, mental illness is genuine and as destructive as any organic condition. Worst of all, you don't know you have had a mental breakdown, your mind plays tricks on you and you can't see anything wrong.
I am not saying 'feed the transperson tablets' but counselling and understanding, gently helping them see being male is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of, undoing all the bad work that was pushed on them mostly through their upbringing.
It's not transphobic using understanding and various other talking and behavioural therapies to help a man regained his full masculinity. What is transphobic is a doctor faced by a 100% normal man say 'I am a woman inside' and saying 'all right, we'll book you in for the operation after a suitable time where you live as your inner gender' then putting him through extreme cosmetic surgery.

Walt Heyer

V nappa, you are correct it is complex and "appropriate" treatment is very difficult to come by. What we do know is within this complex issue the transgender is burdened with who will properly diagnose the co-morbid disorders, depressive and personality disorders that are driving the desire to change. You are correct again the gender counselors will always go forward with hormones (no diagnosis for co-morbid disorders) and the road to surgery will be paved for you. But 30% commit, many like you and me wish things would have been different. Other gender changers live on the margins of life often worse off after the change sadly that is true.
Thank you it is not an easy or smooth road.

v nappa

This is a very complex issue. I am also a victim of the sex change insanity and I am not happy. I agree with most of what you are saying Walt. My concern is what is the appropriate treatment for transgenders. Do nothing, cross dress, binge and purge, be non ops, or get a full sex change ? I really don't know.
The problem with seeing a gender counselor is they almost always advocate transitioning. you really don't get an objective assessment.
what I would have given not to be transgendered.

Christian Woman

Shouldn't it be 100% instead of 90-95% of people should not transition, the research I have done shows that these people are not born that way. Thanks for sharing. I am hoping my husband will read this and think twice about what he is doing.

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